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Some graphics are made from scratch by me and therefore they belong to me and my site.
However, you can pop a question if you wan´t to borrow, buy or let me design something for you. I´m not impossible if proper credit is made.

I do not support spam. Information on specific individuals is not shared with marketing companies. In order to make the ecard service work, collecting information such as Email- and IP addresses, is needed, but they are handled with respect for individuals and are not given (or sold) away.

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Gerodean "Grodan" Elleby, gerodean2000(at)yahoo.com


All ecards are made by me. All picture are taken by me - if not other is told.
For making collage and scrapbooking I also use graphic from scrapbookers - see credits.

My free ecard service has been online since 2005. Hosted by the MyPostcard Network almost 5 years (spring 2005 to November 24 2009).
26th of October 2009 the ecard service changed URL (and layout!) from
http://www.abc.se/~m10342/1/rnmcard. The URL had 15577  visitors.

This is what it looked like

MyPostcard Network offered a great service for free. It was good and reliable, no complaints, but I wanted more features...
I love to be able to change the look and feel as much as I can. My desires, demands and goals are high, however, it must not cost anything (or very little).

November 24 2009, I set up my new postcard page on gerodean.se/ecards. Powered by the standalone shareware script vCard Lite and for now I´m rather pleased.
I really like the script!

I  have lots of ideas, wishes and demands, and I hope I can develop my ecard service in the direction I want, in time.

I enjoy making ecards, because it´s fun to create them. I use Paint Shop Pro, PSP - a great program for making collage, ecards, digital scrapbooking embellishment, backgrounds and so on.
I really hope you enjoy my ecards.

Don´t hesitate to contact me if you got a question, idea, tip or anything.
Email: gerodean2000(at)yahoo.com  - change (at) for @

/Gerodean "Grodan" Elleby

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About me

I´m a mouse and rat breeder. Mice, I´ve been breeding since 1989, and rats, I´ve been breeding since 1985. I live in Sweden, Europe.

in a small apartment with my animals.

For many years I´ve been active in the Swedish Mouse Club. In the 90´s I was active in the Swedish Rat Society.
Through the years I´ve written booklets, a rat book and many articles. I´ve hold meetings and courses for both mouse and ratlovers. 1995 I founded Rat Agility in the Swedish Rat Society.

In March 2006 I started a Swedish Mouse Community called mus-ifokus. It´s a very nice place for all kinds of mouselovers to communicate.

Other animals is a brown dobermann. My brown ferret left us October 2011.

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