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I have invited some of my friends to share their lovely photographs of mice, rats and ferrets. Here I present them and their images. You can click on the images to send them as postcards.

Ratty Rat Rattery

Ratty Rat Rattery is a friend on Facebook, who takes amazing rat photos. I wanna share one of them to the world, to be sent as ecards, on my page.


Cecilia is a dear friend who has a "bunch" of lovely ferrets. She is a dedicated and talented ferret owner and she take care of her ferrets exemplary. Cecilia has a Swedish website with lovely pictures of her ferrets. Go to her website and check it out: LINK

Angelin Frejd

Angelin Frejd is a great photographer who gladely takes picture of her own and her friends pets. I fell inlove with some of her pictures and I´m sure you will do aswell. First out is a lovely Christmas rat, her own rat "Phoebe". View more of Angelin´s pictures here: LINK.

Tula-Lina Jonsson

Tula-Lina Jonsson just discovered the joy of having pet mice, and in this picture which I call "Christmas is about love". I think the picture glows of love and happiness. Tula-Lina has captured the joy of having a new wonderful, intelligent and beautiful little pet mouse. It is wonderful to see.

Maria Löfgren

My dear friend Maria Löfgren takes very nice photographs of both mice and rats. It´s a great joy for me to play with her photos and make ecards to put up here. I do hope you enjoy them too. There are 6 ecards here now from Maria Löfgren.

Liselott Aronsson

Liselott Aronsson is a good photographer and has some lovely mice to photograph. First out was a little hairless Fuzzy and second out is a Beige/Coffe.


Frida Marie Höglund


Isabella Alström

- visit her homepage - took two sweet photos of the Dumbo rat girl Fanta, from my Rattery, when she was climbing the candles. One is original and the other one I´ve changed a bit... Send them as an e-Greeting!


Evelyn Edblad

Two gourgeus mouse pics taken by Evelyn Edblad, to send as eCards. You can visit Evelyns Swedish mouse site HERE.

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