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116 ecards has been sent 2013 - October 12.
276 ecards was sent 2012.
About 250 ecards was sent 2011.

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Unfortunatly the ecard-system is not working at the moment. Ecards will not be sent.

Toplist is restarted

1st of January the top 20 ecard is reset to 0. It will maybe look empty. I have put the old top list on "About". There you can find Top 50 from October 26, 2009 to December 31, 2012.

Guest Photographers

My collection over other mouse and rat photographers is growing and need some space of it´s own. Therefore my Guest Photographers have moved to another page - a page of their own.
Check out the guest photographers here: LINK
If you would like to offer your mouse/rat/ferret photo on the site please contact me: gerodean2000(a)yahoo.com

How to send a card
Choose a categori and then just click on the card you want to send.
You will be direct linked to the site where you compose your card, and there you can add heading, signature, music, stamp, backgroundcolor, page wallpaper and write a special message with different textcolors, smileys and so on. You can use over 1000 signs in your message and put in html if you like.
Tip: if you are going to type much text it´s best to choose template no 2 .

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