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All the graphics are protected by Copyright!
All ecards are made by my and therefore they belong to me and my site.
All photographs are taken by me - if not else is told.
For making collage and scrapbooking I use graphic from Digital Scrapbook Designers and they are all given properly credit for - see credits.
However, you can pop a question if you wan't to borrow, buy or let me design something for you. I'‘m not impossible if proper credit is made.

I do not support spam.
That means I don't spam others and will not allow to be spammed myself.

Banner and link exchange can be held with other mouse and rat-related pages. However, is not responsible for the content of external sites and does not necessarily endorse the views or agree with the information held on the sites.


My free ecard service has been online since 2005.
The first years it was hosted by the MyPostcard Network; from spring 2005 to November 24, 2009.
26th of October 2009 the ecard service changed URL (and layout!) from The URL had 15577  visitors.

MyPostcard Network offered a great service for free. It was good and reliable, no complaints, but I wanted more features...
I love to be able to change the look and feel as much as I can. My desires, demands and goals are high, however, it must not cost anything (or very little).

My first Ecard site, powered by My Postcard

November 24, 2009, I set up my new postcard page on Powered by the standalone shareware script vCard Lite and for a long time I was happy with that!
I had many visitors worldwide and they sent ecards. I had a nice statistics of a couple of hundred ecards sent every year. Everything was working fine and I could almost make the site look and feel as I always wanted.

I really liked the script and tried to repair it when it broke. I re-installed it a couple of times and and when people no longer used vCard Lite, I managed to find the newest version to install and got a little extension. The script was really old and the programmer had disappeared from the web so I had to try as well as I could myself.
But my skills in php and program coding has a big shortage so October 2013 the script stopped working.

R.I.P vCard Lite ~ I will always love you!

My second Ecard site powered by Vcard Lite

I asked friends for help, searched for a new script (you wouldn't belive me if I told you how many hours I've searched and not just in English...) and really tried so many many things which eventually ended up in nothing.

The ecard-site was online without working for four years. I was stubborn and didn't wan't it to be totally broke. I hoped for a miracle.
Then I finally gave up and installed Coppermine Gallery.

November 2017 I started to work on this a Coppermine Gallery ecard-site, and since it was a couple of years ago the site was up to date and working I didn't see any hurry. I managed to make a Design I liked, but Coppermine wasnt too friendly with me and I still missed out on some things.

6 years later I wanted to try something more easy, since I never got Coppermine to work as I wanted, so  finally in November 2023 I gave up and tried Piwigo.

My third Ecard site, powered by Coppermine

Just for fun

The ecard site is just for fun. I love to have the free service and to be able to offer unique ecards for everyone.
I love making ecards, because it's really fun to create them. I use Paint Shop Pro, PSP - a great program for making collage, ecards, digital scrapbooking embellishment, backgrounds and so on.
Things to make collage with my photos I get from Digital Scrapbook Designers, and I have a page just to give them credit. Some of them are still active and their link is still clickable. The other ones who stopped Design are still honored, but doesn't have an active link.

I really hope you enjoy my ecards, as much as I enjoyed making them.  

Gerodean "Grodan" Elleby, gerodean2000(at)

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